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Mastering Nail Artistry: Highlights from EmiGel's Look and Learn Seminar

by Customer Care 10 Jul 2024
Mastering Nail Artistry: Highlights from EmiGel's Look and Learn Seminar

EmiGel Professional recently hosted an enriching Look and Learn Seminar at Orane International School, Gurugram, on July 8, 2024. Nail art enthusiasts and budding professionals gathered to dive deep into the world of innovative nail techniques and trends.


Topics Covered in the Seminar:

Soft Gel Extensions
Participants learned the intricacies of applying soft gel extensions for flawless, durable nail enhancements.

Cateye Gel Polish
Exploring the versatility of cat-eye gel polish, attendees discovered different types and techniques to achieve mesmerizing cat-eye effects.

Techniques with Cateye Magnets
Mastering the use of cat-eye magnets, the seminar highlighted techniques to create stunning and unique designs.

Blooming Ink Art
Delving into blooming ink art, participants explored how to create dynamic and organic patterns using specialized techniques.

Marble Art with Blossom Gel
Using blossom gel, attendees learned how to create elegant marble effects, perfect for sophisticated nail designs.

Moonlight Powder Applications
The seminar concluded with insights into the proper application of moonlight powder, enhancing nails with a shimmering, ethereal finish.

The session was met with enthusiasm and satisfaction from all participants, who left with newfound skills and inspiration to elevate their nail artistry journey. EmiGel remains committed to fostering creativity and excellence in the nail industry, one seminar at a time.

EmiGel is proud to have provided this platform for growth and looks forward to hosting more such events that inspire and elevate the nail art community. Stay tuned for future workshops and continue your journey towards nail artistry excellence with EmiGel.


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